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Y2K Silver Heart Purse

  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Harajuku with our Y2K Silver Heart Purse!

    Discover a handbag that epitomizes the union of iconic Harajuku style and masterful craftsmanship with our Y2K Silver Heart Purse. Every aspect of this accessory resonates with premium quality. Constructed from top-tier materials, its durability is unquestionable, ensuring a lasting relationship with its bearer. The bag's intricate metal punk elements and the artfully integrated butterfly motif are not mere embellishments; they exemplify attention to detail and precision. Whether draped under the arm or worn traditionally, its design showcases thoughtful craftsmanship meant to optimize both comfort and functionality. The added touch of the Tuku chain is not only a nod to style but a testament to its robust and enduring structure. Beyond its Harajuku aesthetic, this messenger bag stands as a testament to quality and design excellence.

    The characteristics of the Y2K Silver Heart Purse

    • Material: PU
    • Style:Streetwear Y2K
    • Free delivery